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Our Methodology
Project Highlights

Our solutions work in real-world environments and deliver on fundamental business goals identified by our clients.

Akcia's main objective is to produce tangible benefits and high returns on our clients' investment in technology. Our process is one that ensures results. The central focus of our approach is the end user and their interaction with the system. Our goal is to make the user experience highly productive and intuitive, thereby ensuring that business objectives and high levels of benefits realization are achieved.

Our process ensures that business objectives and high levels 
of benefits realization are achieved.


Mission Definition
A high level discussion is conducted between Akcia staff and our client. In this stage,
the business' vision of their process and elements for success are defined. This
definition is lead by exchange between the client's staff and Akcia's staff with our
experience helping to develop the rapport and pointed discussion that leads to highly
productive sessions. This stage is usually, depending upon the scope, conducted
without cost to our perspective client and identifies how Akcia can assist the
business in attainment of their goals, both business and technological.
Deliverable an understanding of our clients needs, goals and vision. This is
communicated via a high-level document authored by Akcia. Its content includes a
set project cost for Discovery and a target dollar cost and timeline for complete
development and implementation of the project.
During this process, Akcia delves into the detailed requirements of the system. It is
broken down into manageable components. For example field data gathering,
billing, approval, management, reporting, etc. are separated into logical pieces so
that they can be clearly defined and completely researched. This immersion into the
client's processes ensures that our solution delivers on the needs outlined in the
mission definition. Other factors such as cost concerns, technologies and timeline
requirements are taken into consideration during this phase and an appropriate
roadmap for success is created.
1) Detailed design documents Visual and textual descriptions of user applications
    and other elements of the system.
2) Prototypes Simulators of the applications can actually be "clicked" to allow the
    user to maneuver through the prototype to further define the experience. Tangible
    illustrations and applications can be discussed and tested for fitness of
3) Architecture
Data modeling is performed to ensure that information is captured
    logically and all reporting and input requirements are met. This is presented to our
    clients in the form of an ERD or Entity Relationship Diagram - a roadmap of the
4) Report mockups
All reporting requirements, sometimes the most important
    portion of the system and very often the area of highest return, are illustrated with
    sample reports detailing layout and content.
The obvious goal High quality software that is efficient, highly responsive and easy
to maintain throughout its lifespan. Each application is coded to Akcia's exact
standards to ensure uniformity in the interface and the highest possible level of
performance. After development, rigorous testing is conducted in-house to identify
issues and possible points of weakness so that they can be effectively addressed
before the software is released. Testing is performed at multiple levels: unit,
integration and system testing all conducted to ensure that the individual
components of the system not only work by themselves, but also work in concert
with each other and any existing infrastructure leveraged for the project.
Deliverable The system itself. Fully tested with complete user documents, our
client receives the software and database elements that compose the system.
No matter how sophisticated or robust the system, there are other elements that
contribute to its acceptance, usage and ultimately its effectiveness that go beyond
the software itself. Client education is conducted and knowledge transfer is performed
with our client's technical personnel to alleviate any dependence on Akcia's staff.
Upon delivery, Akcia offers an alternative to alleviating any burden on your
organization to maintain and provide the hardware, system and network expertise and
time necessary to implement and run on the platform.
1) Client classes
2) Technical turnover meetings
3) Support agreements
4) Application Service Provider relationships
5) Prognostic forecasts and project outlooks
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