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Our Methodology
Project Highlights

Our solutions work in real-world environments and deliver on fundamental business goals identified by our clients.

Akcia is experienced in architecting, constructing, implementing and supporting a wide variety of IT projects. Below you will find a short list of projects completed in-house for our clientele. It is difficult to summarize the breadth and complexity of each project but the following excerpts will provide a quick overview.

From architecture to support, Akcia delivers.


Handheld integration and web functionality to existing platform
Using Palm technology, Akcia developed a system for the Graduate Medical Education (GME) department at a well-known Medical School to track procedures by resident. The program will track patient records, procedures, CPT codes for billing, and allow GME to provide reimbursement audit reporting to the government's Health Care Finance Administration, which oversees resident medical programs. Akcia utilized Microsoft(R) SQL Server 2000 for the data server, Visual Basic and Crystal Reports for the client-server portion of the program with AppForge being used for the handheld application.
Custom ERP CRM with GL integration
Akcia created and constructed a proprietary web-enabled project management tool that allows for cost tracking and analysis; resource allocation and scheduling; forecasting and estimating as well as automating billing - used by professional firms that rely on project based accounting. Additionally, it employs a contact management module with job/employee matches for employee leasing companies. The product is delivered via an ASP platform or the traditional license agreement and utilizes SQL Server 7.0 as the data server, Visual Basic, ASP, IIS and Crystal Reports.
Management of Multimedia Content
Akcia designed an intranet application for a well-known international media corporation that pushed content provided by third party vendors to the client. The application loads files to the clients existing telephony infrastructure. This gave the client communication audit reporting and control advice on its network. Akcia was selected for its ability to lead the client from the initial concept through design and construction of the system.
Financial System Development
Akcia was the sole consultant and developer for a large core business system for a third party payroll company. The analysis, design, construction, and implementation efforts for this specialized payroll system were handled by Akcia. Akcia used DCOM objects in the design of the system to fully utilize a third party tax control to minimize cost and speed deployment to market. The technology used in the construction employed SQL Server, Visual Basic and Crystal Reports.
Financial Platform Augmentation
Akcia developed custom software to manage North America's largest farmer owned cooperatives. The system handled new issues, redemptions, exchanges, and transfers of bonds. It also included interest calculations, interest payments, agent commissions, and 1099-INT reporting. The system is web-based and was developed using IIS, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, Visual Basic, MTS, SQL Server and Crystal Reports.
Manufacturing Plant Floor Web Application
One of the world leaders in automotive manufacturing relied on Akcia as a complete solutions provider for its Labor Relations Job Bid System. Akcia was called on to develop system requirements and design through construction and integration without having access to the clients existing infrastructure. Akcia's technology solution utilized Microsoft Visual InterDev, Visual Basic, VBScript, JavaScript, ASP and HTML with SQL Server 7.0 as the data server.
CAD and Database Integration
With its world headquarters in Kansas City, this global telecommunications company had a CAD-based facilities program used to track building space and cost that was written to a database. Akcia worked directly with the client for a period of three years to integrate the specific requirements outlined to optimize the program and use its capabilities to the fullest. The client was better able to manage cost estimating, lease management, infrastructure, building codes and tax reporting.
Ariba B2B Implementation
A second project for the same telecommunications company placed Akcia at the lead of its Ariba B2B install. Coordinating five teams and a user base of 70,000, Akcia developed user interfaces with XML language linked to Java Objects Modules. The project linked the client to its suppliers for commodity selection and analysis of business processes.
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