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Our Methodology
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Our solutions work in real-world environments and deliver on fundamental business goals identified by our clients.

Akcia is well versed in a wide range of technologies. We have implemented systems that interface with legacy systems as well as systems that augment existing cutting edge IT infrastructure. We develop predominantly in Microsoft® technologies such as .NET and SQL Server and deliver via Amazon AWS. We have been extremely successful implementing our architecture within numerous challenging landscapes.

Akcia has a proven track record of development and application in a multitude of challenging environments.


Using Microsoft ASP.NET, Akcia can extend the capabilities of your existing architecture through an intranet or extranet. Our applications can be used to disseminate data such as reports or graphs or can be used to collect data all in a secure and encrypted conversation. These applications are platform independent and can be run using any browser capable of handling JavaScript. Our web applications can even be used by persons of PocketPC's or other handhelds capable of using standard internet browsers. These applications are well suited to a dispersed and mobile workforce and relieves any installation burden on your IT group.
Handheld (Point of Care)
The need for real-time data is increasing. Real-time data retrieval and entry not only brings more value to the data being collected but also helps ensure accuracy. Data can now be collected as it is created eliminating transcription errors or other processes that used to take place to temporarily document the data before entry. Akcia has created several applications in a healthcare setting for both Palm OS devices as well as PocketPC devices. With wireless technologies becoming reliable and inexpensive, we have also leveraged these capabilities making our mobile applications as valuable as possible.
Tablet PC
Akcia is among the pioneers of the tablet pc. We are architecting solutions that utilize the intuitive nature of the tablet pc to assist in data collection. Our applications allow the end-user to annotate records on screen using pen-like devices, similar to annotating on a paper record.
At the heart of robust enterprise applications, Akcia has architected highly functional suites that facilitate a high end-user acceptance rate. Our client-server applications are usually reserved for those users completing highly complex tasks that are not well suited for the linear nature of web applications. Our applications are designed with user interfaces that maximize human resources quite simply, accomplish more with less. Client-server applications are not well-suited for every application but do have merit when high functionality is a requirement.
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